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Jan 27, 2024

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In Episode 102 OB and Smitty dive into listener-submitted questions, kicking off with insights on the fastest routes to fitness recovery from a deconditioned state. The hosts explore HRV training and its practical applications in real-world scenarios. The episode delves into the effectiveness of using a metronome as a top-notch training tool. Additionally, valuable tips are shared on recovering from hip bursitis, tailored workouts for aging lifters, and more. Tune in for a wealth of knowledge and actionable advice on optimizing your fitness journey.





[0:00] Introduction

[5:38] Quickest Way to Get In Shape

[11:10] Simplified Way to Train Energy Systems

[28:37] Using Metronomes In Your Training

[34:37] Tips for Hip Bursitis

[38:35] Workouts For the Aging Lifter

[51:50] Who Would You Choose To Train Your Parents?



Explore the insightful conversation on gym ownership, leadership, and personal development. Join Smitty, OB, and Mark Ennis as they share valuable insights for trainers, gym owners, and fitness enthusiasts alike.



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