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Feb 3, 2024

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In this episode of Becoming Ronin, OB and Smitty tackle listener questions on training strategies, covering topics ranging from training through injuries to optimizing muscle gains and incorporating weighted vests into conditioning routines. They emphasize the importance of listening to one's body, advocating for a balanced approach that combines smart training adjustments with rehabilitation techniques for injury management. Furthermore, they explore the nuances of training intensity, advising listeners on when to push to failure for maximal gains while cautioning against its excessive use. Finally, they offer practical tips for integrating weighted vests into conditioning workouts, ensuring effective resistance training without compromising form or risking injury. Through their expert insights, OB and Smitty empower listeners to enhance their training regimens and embark on their journey to becoming Ronin.




[0:00] Are You Stronger Than Arnold?

[5:10] HRV Combo Recap

[16:55] Should You Train While Injured

[37:59] When Training to Failure Is Necessary and When to Avoid 

[50:44] Weighted Vests for Conditioning and Recovery Days



Explore the insightful conversation on gym ownership, leadership, and personal development. Join Smitty, OB, and Mark Ennis as they share valuable insights for trainers, gym owners, and fitness enthusiasts alike.



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