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May 29, 2024

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In this episode of Becoming Ronin, we welcome back Mike Desanti, a renowned transformation coach, to guide us through the powerful experience of an authentic Native American sweat lodge. Mike delves into the profound healing potential of this ancient ritual, teaching us what to expect during the ceremony and how to set our intentions beforehand. He provides invaluable insights on preparing our minds for the journey, ensuring we can fully embrace the transformative process.

Throughout the episode, we explore common obstacles we face in our daily lives, from emotional blockages to mental stressors. Mike shares how creating a ceremonial space around these challenges can significantly enhance our emotional resilience and mental clarity. Tune in to discover how the sacred practice of the sweat lodge can be a pivotal tool in your personal growth and mental well-being journey.



[0:00] Intro

[0:30] What to Expect with a Sweat Lodge

[5:34] Setting Your Intention

[10:30] Surrendering to the Moment

[16:50] Emotional Reference Point

[19:20] Fawning and People Pleasing

[22:30] Changing Habitual Patterns

[25:00] Standards, Boundaries and Agreements

[32:40] Champion Powers

[35:19] Identifying with Behaviors

[44:00] Knowing Yourself



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