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Jun 8, 2024


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In this episode OB and Smitty dive into a rich tapestry of fitness insights, personal experiences, and practical advice. Here's what you can expect:


Segment 1: Lessons from the Sweat Lodge

OB and Smitty share their transformative experience from last week's Sweat Lodge. They discuss how the intense, meditative environment helped them become more present and aware of their intentions. Listen in as they reflect on the mental clarity and renewed focus they gained from this unique practice.


Segment 2: Eric Cressey and Pendulum Wave Training Percentages

The hosts delve into the intricacies of Pendulum Wave Training percentages, inspired by renowned strength coach Eric Cressey. They explain how these percentages vary depending on one's training experience and provide practical tips on how to integrate this method into your own workout routines for optimal results.


Segment 3: Listener Question - Training with a Thigh Injury

OB and Smitty answer a listener's question about managing and training with a thigh injury. They outline their two-phased rehab approach, emphasizing the importance of both the initial recovery phase and the gradual reintroduction of strength training. Tune in for actionable advice on how to adjust your training program while dealing with a similar injury.


Segment 4: Training with Muscle Soreness

Next, the discussion shifts to the topic of training with muscle soreness. OB and Smitty offer their perspectives on when to push through the discomfort and when to take it easy. They highlight key considerations to keep in mind to avoid overtraining and ensure long-term progress.


Segment 5: Donnie Thompson's Views on Introducing Tempo Training

The episode wraps up with a review of Donnie Thompson's approach to introducing tempo into your training regimen. OB and Smitty discuss how and when to incorporate tempo variations to enhance muscle control, improve technique, and prevent injuries.


Join OB and Smitty for an episode packed with valuable insights and practical advice, helping you navigate your fitness journey with greater awareness and effectiveness. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out, there's something in this episode for everyone.






[0:00] New Seminar Dates

[2:30] What We Learned In A Sweat Lodge

[18:04] Pendulum Wave Training

[26:22] Training With a Lower Extremity Injury

[34:37] Training With Muscle Soreness

[38:31] Donnie Thompson and Tempo Training

[47:00] What Would We Change About the Industry



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