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Sep 30, 2022


In today’s episode, we are honored to have Josh Lange on the show. Josh is a business owner, former MMA fighter,  jiu jitsu black belt, and a modern philosopher.

This episode touches on what Jiu Jitsu means and how it leads to self-mastery, but dives way deeper as Josh does a fantastic job at “zooming...

Sep 29, 2022


Episode 38 marks the very first segment of “Quick Fix.” Due to the influx of listener questions on Instagram, Smitty and OB will be adding a separate episode each week in addition to the normal episode, that will be dedicated to answering your questions in a semi-rapid fire style. If you’re someone that...

Sep 23, 2022


In our third segment of “Everything You Need to Know” Smitty and OB dive into an often overlooked aspect of training; the warm up.

Even those that do take the time to warm up are often neglect a true format and end up wasting time.

In this episode Smitty and OB cover everything from SMR, breathing,...

Sep 16, 2022


Today’s episode is another round of OB and Smitty thinking through listener submitted questions. They start by talking about breathing, bracing, and CO2 tolerance. Then they dive into some nitty gritty training questions about injures, imbalances, form breakdowns, and even analyze a listeners squat...

Sep 9, 2022


In the second series of Everything You Need to Know, Smitty and OB have decided to take a deep dive into a highly requested subject: productivity.

Telling people to prioritize, plan, and execute it much like telling a sports team to just score more points than the other team. Much of the information is...