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Feb 25, 2023


In today’s episode, Smitty and OB give a shout outs to a couple deserving members of the Ronin community.

In true Becoming Ronin fashion, Smitty and OB have a Ronin lesson of the week: setting your aim. Far too often people are operating under the guidance of “what not to do.” However, in this episode,...

Feb 17, 2023


Today we record from the studio, directly after Smitty’s first real Jiu Jitsu class. We talk about Smitty’s experience and what he took away from it.

Before we dive into the Ronin lesson of the week, Smitty brings up a new study from Dr. Rhonda Patrick on a protocol on contrasting heat and cold to improve...

Feb 11, 2023


We kick off this episode with a recap of our most recent CPPS one day workshop. Coaches from all over the world came in to hone their knowledge of the CPPS curriculum in order to become better coaches. We cover some of the things that stood out to us and some messages to all trainers.

We then transition to a...

Feb 4, 2023


Today we’re joined by a previous Becoming Ronin guest, Chris McGowan. Chris is an IFBB Pro and and Transformation Coach. Chris helps people of all walks of life with not just nutrition plans, but adherence to their transformation goals.

We kick off something that’s been irking Smitty in the news.