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Mar 25, 2023



Today we are joined by a Becoming Ronin alumn, Chris McGowan.


This episode kicks off with OB performing a social experiment between Chris and Smitty that tests (strains?) their friendship.

We then transition to talking about the purpose of education, the ethics of paying to be verified on Instagram, Mike...

Mar 18, 2023


In this episode, we are joined by a retired Police Officer and Critical Incident Trauma Specialist, Tony Scaglione.

Through sharing his story directly with departments, Tony has been critical in helping bring attention to overcoming mental health barriers within the first responder community. 

Tony is also...

Mar 11, 2023


In today’s episode we begin by talking about an article making its rounds in the news lately, about the Atkins diet. We dive one step deeper than the journalism by looking at the research methods used and discuss some nutrition misconceptions and myths.

Then we dive directly into Mind Hacking by Jason...

Mar 4, 2023


Todays episode kicks off with a rapid fire thought experiment of kettlebell training vs dumbbell training.

Then Smitty and OB work through one of OB’s real assessments and discuss what some of his issues are and how they would correct them.

This segues into Smitty’s recent online discussion on a...