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Apr 29, 2023


Today, Smitty, OB, and Chris McGowan answer tons of unique listener questions in a rapid fire format. 

They then move on to managing anxiety in your life, specifically when you feel that you don’t have any other options. Smitty discusses his struggles with anxiety and some of the eye opening moments in his...

Apr 22, 2023


Today we are joined by Christine Schulter of Summa Fit. Today she enlightens us on her journey from a Competitive Figure Bodybuilding Athlete to online fitness entrepreneur. Her company Summa fit targets “fitness for the backbone of our home, community, and nation.” 

Christine has combined her love for...

Apr 15, 2023


In today’s discussion, OB and Smitty talk through “The Big Leap,” a book about Conquering Your Hidden Fear and Taking Life to the Next Level. 

In this discussion, we talk about ways that we are subconsciously sabotaging our progress, ways to identify your “upper limit,” and how to move past them.


Apr 1, 2023



In today’s episode, it’s back to training. Smitty and OB go through some forgotten secrets from the like of Dave Tate, Louie Simmons, Eric Dalton, Thomas Meyers, and many more.

These lessons we cover today are specifically geared towards “reconnecting” your training to muliplanar,...