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Jul 29, 2023


In this episode, we’re honored to be joined by one of our biggest influences in the assessment and corrective exercise realm, Dean Somerset. Dean runs a prolific fitness blog as well as a youtube channel that boats hundreds of resources for trainers and athletes.

Dean is standout in the fitness industry for...

Jul 22, 2023


Today’s episode kicks off with a quick look back at the first week of the Ronin Challenge. Smitty ond OB discuss how limiting screen time has renewed their focus and increases the awareness of the present moment.

Next Smitty brings to the table a rapid fire question that he is extremely proud of; what are the...

Jul 15, 2023



In today’s episode we begin with what becoming a “Modern Day Ronin” means to us. In this segment we lay out the seven tenants of self-mastery that to us, exemplify what it means to work on yourself without falling into the traps of more typical self-development methods.


After briefly discussing each...

Jul 6, 2023



Today we are honored to have Tim Reynolds back in the studio. For those who listened to Tim’s first episode, you will remember that Tim is a distinguished physical therapist as well as an Anatomy and Physiology professor at Ithaca College. In addition to his commitment to the health and rehab field, Tim...