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Oct 6, 2022


In our second installment of “Quick Fix” Smitty and OB take to the listener submitted questions. 

OB and Smitty start by talking about what leadership means to them. Tips from their experience running businesses, and their top resources to learn more about learning leadership qualities.

Secondly the guys tackle an all too common reality: Man Boobs (MOOBS). Their answer ranges from hormones, blood panels, lifestyle, nutrition and more.

Then they discuss their top three ways to build up the bench press and even include some trouble-shooting tips for addressing your own bench press problems.

Lastly, they cover variables that separate free weight training from training with machines and cables and top pros and cons of both.



[0:00] Intro

[1:10] Top Leadership Resources (@valdovinosjavier)

[7:30] Are Your Hormones Causing Man Boobs (@vincesharp101)

[11:11] Tip to Avoid the 2 pm Crash

[17:11] Best Supplementals to Build the Bench Press

[24:21] Machines Vs Freeweights



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