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Oct 8, 2022


We’re are honored to bring one of the most genuine coaches in the Industry into the Ronin Community. Ben Anderson is the owner of Breakthrough Strength and Conditioning and specializes in training youth athletes. Ben takes his experience as an ex-professional basketball player along with his mastery in the CPPS curriculum, and combines it with his authenticity and empathy to change the lives of every client who has the benefit of working with him.

This episode goes beyond training principles and highlights the importance of self-mastery, personal development, and thinking outside of the box when implementing effective training for kids. 

If you are a parent, coach, or trainer, this podcast is incredibly valuable.



[0:00] Intro

[5:40] Rapid Fire

[12:42] Why Train Youth Athletes?

[21:00] What do Most People Get Wrong with Training Athletes

[23:00] Tempo and Contrast Training for Youth Athletes

[26:10] Creating Buy In When Training Kids

[34:14] Finding Balance When Running a Business

[38:40] Overcoming Obstacles In Life

[54:17] Signs of a Quality Youth Coach



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