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Oct 13, 2022


In today’s third installment of “Quick Fix,” we are joined by Mandy Grierson, a women’s health expert with a unique training experience. With Mandy’s help, Smitty and OB quickly answer the most questions we’ve ever covered in one episode. These questions range from training tips, guilty pleasures, the upcoming Ronin Retreat, and much more.

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[0:00] Intro

[1:30] Palms Up for Band Pull Aparts

[3:30] Building Aerobic Capacity with Strength Circuits

[4:05] Best Short on Time Workout

[5:30] Best Exercise for Each Body Part

[6:00] Guilty Pleasure

[6:30] Why Smitty Doesn’t Sell Diesel Merch

[7:58] Best Rep Ranges for Building Muscle

[9:58] When is the Ronin Retreat

[11:20] Difference Between Bird Dogs and Dead Bugs

[12:45] Looking to Grow Youtube and Podcast

[14:48] Three Favorite Training Books

[20:30] Watched Any Good Documentaries Lately

[24:30] Favorite Core Exercise



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