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Oct 15, 2022


In today’s episode, we bring you to our very first female guest; Mandy Grierson. Mandy is a women’s health expert as well as pre and post natal certified. Mandy brings a unique perspective to the podcast as we chat about some major issues plaguing women’s health as well as psychology behind a females training success. 


Mandy also discusses auto regulation, hormone tracking, and some of the big corrective exercise criteria that you should know when training females.


If you are a female that is into training, or a male trainer, or just a dad with a daughter - there are plenty of takeaways in this episode!



[0:00] Intro

[3:43] Mandy’s Background

[8:00] Common Issues with Women in Training

[11:50] Autoregulating Workouts for Females

[15:40] Body Positivity

[22:11] Why Training Is Important to Women

[27:53] Respecting Hormones when Training

[33:09] Tracking Cycles to Optimize Training

[36:52] Common Mistakes Made By Women

[41:31] How to Tell If Your Pelvic Floor is Dysfunctional

[46:09] Rectus Diastasis

[49:06] Carefully Setting Goals

[53:00] Don’t Find Your Worth In Your Weight

[1:00:05] Advice on Training Women


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