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Dec 9, 2022


Do you ever feel like every time you start to make progress in life and start to “figure things out” life hits the reset button and sweeps you right back to the starting point? Well in this episode, we dive into why this isn’t exactly true, and how to escape this unhealthy mindset.

This episode starts with one of Smitty’s favorite Jim Rohn audio clips about surviving the proverbial winters.

This conversation quickly turns into an explanation of the Hedonic Treadmill and some ways to avoid this trap.




[0:00] Intro

[2:30] Smitty’s Lesson of the Week

[6:33] Learn To Handle The Winters - Jim Rohn

[8:19] The Hedonic Treadmill

[20:10] Not Living Your Life in Fear

[26:15] Accepting Uncertainty

[29:10] Zooming Out to See the Big Picture




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