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Dec 30, 2022


As we close out 2022 Smitty and OB are nothing but grateful for the amazing year of podcast growth and community. To give back, they have developed a January challenge for all of the listeners to participate in.

However, the problem with most New Year’s Resolutions is that they are self-centered and don’t stick. This list of personal task items is designed to improve your character so that you can then be a better person for those that count on you.

Join us and the community in challenging yourself to become a master over your thoughts and actions. In the link below you will find a daily checklist of items to complete during the week days.

The link to the premium features will also give access to weekly challenges as well as live check lists, and a community board to discuss our progress.



Train Heroic - Coming Soon!



[0:00] Intro

[3:25] Recap on Gratitude During The Holidays

[5:01] Hating on New Year’s Resolutions

[6:00] A Habits Roadmap for The New Year

[7:03] The Ronin Challenge App

[12:58] The Ronin Challenge Details

[13:04] Regular Waking Time

[16:40] Early Morning Sun and Ten Minute Walk

[22:20] Morning Meditation

[25:48] Learning a New Skill

[31:57] Evening Brain Dump

[35:41] Next Action List

[37:06] Gratitude Journal

[38:17] Quality Family Time

[42:40] Regular Sleep Time

[44:38] Physical Challenges

[45:45] Bettering Yourself For Others




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