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Aug 26, 2023


After wishing Smitty a happy birthday, we dive right into a subject close to Smitty’s heart: Bitcoin. What many might not know is that Smitty has been researching Bitcoin for the past couple years and today he sheds some light on what it is for those who may not know.

Then we continue to answer some listener questions, starting with what our thoughts are on filming in the gym. We discuss etiquette for influencers and fit pros, and some criteria for the the content you put out.

Next we discuss a few questions all based around hypertrophy and some simple details that can make a massive difference in not only your muscle growth, but also your joint health and training longevity.

Lastly we wrap up with some thoughts on energy system training and hear Buddy Morris’ take on Bioenergetics.


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[0:00] Intro

[0:30] How Does Smitty Feel on His Birthday

[7:42] Burst Series

[10:28] Is Bitcoin a Scam?

[27:37] Filming In The Gym

[35:00] Walking Lunges Every Day

[43:17] Eliminate Momentum For Max Hypertrophy

[48:24] Buddy Morris on Bioenergetics

[54:05] Example Strength Capacity Workout













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