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Nov 4, 2023



In today’s episode we address some common fitness industry questions starting with; is frequent muscle stimulation better than longer recovery between workouts. We talk about Mind Pump’s MAPS program and how and how it relates to our approach with our clientele.

Next we move into how strength training changes when you begin a sport like BJJ. Included in this discussion are considerations on balancing performance with staying healthy for your sport.

The third topic is something that comes up very often - stubborn low back tightness. We give you an extremely useful assessment that you can use on yourself or clients to give a picture of where the tightness is coming from and then instruct on some correctives that we’ve been having huge success with for low back pain.

We wrap up the training discussion with best explosive exercises that are low impact. We discuss our own methods of exercise selection and the thought process behind “explosive” training.

Lastly, Smitty gives tribute to a big influence of his, Dr. Yessis and dives into some of his work that has massively impacted the industry.




[0:00] Intro

[1:29] Frequent Muscle Stimulation for Hypertrophy

[12:02] Strength Training Around Jiu Jitsu

[24:04] How to Assess and Address Stubborn Low Back Tightness

[40:26] Best Low Impact Explosive Training

[54:37] Tribute to Dr. Yeses 




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