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Nov 11, 2023


In today’s episode, Smitty and OB take on AI in a tale as old as technology itself. We asked Chat GPT the top 10 asked questions to fitness professionals and it knocked the list out of the park with extremely relevant questions that anyone in the industry will recognize.

We then take those top 10 questions and go head to head with our answers.

After the debate, we ask what are the top fitness myths and discuss our thoughts.



[0:00] Intro

[2:17] Jocko Fuel

[5:30] Episode Intro

[8:31] How Many Times Per Week Should I Workout?

[12:37] Pre/Post Workout Nutrition

[15:59] Cardio Before or After Strength?

[20:02] How to Target Specific Body Parts

[25:25] How Important Is Rest During a Fitness Program

[28:36] Best Way to Overcome a Fitness Plateau

[33:39] How Can I Stay Motivated to Workout

[38:29] What Role Does Nutrition Play?

[47:42] Avoiding Injury

[53:46] How Long Before I See Results

[56:21] Top Fitness Myths



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