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Feb 25, 2022

In today's episode, OB is back from seeing Jordan Peterson in Texas and gives a recap on some amazing takeaways with the main topic being "Maintaining the Romance in your Relationship."  The guys also reflect on advice from Peterson on raising kids and a very common and accepted mistake most parents make. Smitty and OB discuss the problems with sticking with "basic" exercises and not inlcuding variety in training.

OB shares ways his team of trainers is gamifying programming to make training fun again, including HR training and team challenges. *For a full list of show notes, timestamps & important links from this episode visit: Becoming Ronin Podcast


[0:00] Into

[0:26] Ronin Game Shoutout - Brad Laska

[3:30] Seeing Jordan Peterson Live

[7:30 ] Patterns That Prevent Growth

[10:20] Voluntarily Suffering Is Transformative

[12:17] Being Vulnerable

[15:48] How To Easily Make Your Relationships Awesome

[18:08] Attention is Currency

[24:45] How to Make Your Programming Exciting

[27:50] The Super Simple Way To Injury Proof Your Training

[32:50] Why Fitness Dogma Can Hurt You

[37:20] How to Gameify Your Heart Rate Training

[44:52] Effective Way to  Incorporate Challenges into Your Training

[47:05] Developing Systems in Your Training