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Dec 23, 2023

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🎉 Welcome to a special milestone episode of the Becoming Ronin Podcast! 🎙️ Join us as we celebrate reaching Episode 100 with a deep dive into the transformative journey that brought us here.

In this episode, your host [Your Name] reflects on the essence of the Ronin mindset and the incredible stories shared by guests over the past 100 episodes. From overcoming challenges to unlocking hidden potentials, Becoming Ronin has been a guide for those seeking personal and professional growth.


🚀 Key Highlights:

  • 🎤 Exclusive insights from past guests.
  • 🧠 Unpacking the mindset that drives success.
  • 🌟 Inspirational stories that redefine possibilities.
  • 🎁 Special surprises to mark this milestone.


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If you're into self-discovery, personal development, and stories of triumph over adversity, this episode is tailor-made for you. Whether you're a longtime listener or just discovering us, this celebration is the perfect introduction to the Becoming Ronin community.


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In this episode, the hosts celebrate their 100th episode and welcome guest Michael DeSanti, who recently became a father. They discuss the importance of witnessing the passage of time and the obstructions that can prevent us from appreciating it. They also explore the balance between awareness and fear in parenthood and the inevitabilities of life. Michael shares insights on moving from the inner critic to the inner champion and the power of living authentically. The episode concludes with a discussion on seeking help and forming quality relationships. In this conversation, Michael DeSanti discusses the road to self-mastery and the importance of acceptance and authenticity. He explains that self-mastery begins after accepting who you are and being authentic, and it involves improving various aspects of life and contributing to society. DeSanti compares the hero and the villain, highlighting that they both have the same point of origin but choose different paths. The hero seeks self-mastery to contribute and serve humanity, while the villain becomes selfish and greedy. He emphasizes that self-mastery must be rooted in genuine contribution. DeSanti also discusses the process of forgiveness, living authentically, and the importance of keeping imagination and heart open.



  • Appreciating the passage of time and being present in the moment is important for personal growth and fulfillment.
  • Fear and anxiety are natural responses in parenthood, but it is important to find a balance and not let them hinder personal growth.
  • Accepting the inevitabilities of life, such as pain, loss, uncertainty, and adversity, is key to living a good life.
  • Moving from the inner critic to the inner champion involves developing self-awareness, strengthening character, and forming quality relationships.
  • Living authentically and being an example can inspire others to do the same and create a sense of belonging. Self-mastery begins after accepting who you are and being authentic.
  • The hero and the villain have the same point of origin, but the hero seeks self-mastery to contribute and serve humanity, while the villain becomes selfish and greedy.
  • Self-mastery must be rooted in genuine contribution and service.
  • Living authentically requires the process of forgiveness and letting go of emotional baggage.
  • Self-mastery is an ongoing process that involves strengthening character and building quality relationships.



[00:00] Introduction and Technical Difficulties

[01:00] Episode 100 Celebration

[03:12] Becoming a Father

[04:13] The Importance of Witnessing the Passage of Time

[06:04] Obstructions to Appreciating the Passage of Time

[10:38] Attitude and the Beauty of the Passing of Time

[13:28] Obstructions to Appreciating the Passage of Time (Continued)

[16:47] Fear and Anxiety in Parenthood

[17:23] The Balance Between Awareness and Fear

[19:05] The Four Inevitabilities of Life

[23:22] The Importance of Dealing with Life's Inevitabilities

[25:21] Moving from the Inner Critic to the Inner Champion

[29:59] Living Authentically and Being an Example

[33:39] Seeking Help and Forming Quality Relationships

[36:43] The Challenge of Taking the First Step

[39:13] Living in Authenticity and Belonging

[42:48] The Journey of Authenticity

[48:53] The Road to Self-Mastery

[52:08] The Hero and the Villain

[53:38] Contribution and Service

[54:42] Living Authentically

[55:20] The Process of Forgiveness

[57:08] Writing Your Own Story

[58:06] Self-Mastery in Everyday Life

[01:01:14] Keeping Imagination and Heart Open

[01:02:40] Permission to Seek Self-Mastery

[01:06:25] Strengthening Character and Building Relationships


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