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Oct 15, 2022


In today’s episode, we bring you to our very first female guest; Mandy Grierson. Mandy is a women’s health expert as well as pre and post natal certified. Mandy brings a unique perspective to the podcast as we chat about some major issues plaguing women’s health as well as psychology behind a females...

Oct 13, 2022


In today’s third installment of “Quick Fix,” we are joined by Mandy Grierson, a women’s health expert with a unique training experience. With Mandy’s help, Smitty and OB quickly answer the most questions we’ve ever covered in one episode. These questions range from training tips, guilty pleasures,...

Oct 8, 2022


We’re are honored to bring one of the most genuine coaches in the Industry into the Ronin Community. Ben Anderson is the owner of Breakthrough Strength and Conditioning and specializes in training youth athletes. Ben takes his experience as an ex-professional basketball player along with his mastery in the...

Oct 6, 2022


In our second installment of “Quick Fix” Smitty and OB take to the listener submitted questions. 

OB and Smitty start by talking about what leadership means to them. Tips from their experience running businesses, and their top resources to learn more about learning leadership qualities.

Secondly the guys...