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Nov 25, 2022


With the Holiday Season upon us, Smitty an OB wanted to revisit the Ronin Game and talk about giving to others. Throughout the year it’s easy to fall back into our selfish habits that lead to stress and anxiety. This episode is a reminder to come up for air and reconnect with others.

Smitty talks about a...

Nov 19, 2022


It’s time OB and Smitty duke it out, air their grievances, and settle their differences.


This episode is one giant debate. Hot topics in the industry are drawn out of a hat and Smitty and OB are forced to choose a conflicting side; defend or attack.


We’ll leave it to the listener to decide who wins this...

Nov 10, 2022


Something the listeners of Ronin may or may not know by now, is Smitty is a huge equipment snob (in the best way possible). Smitty’s love for quality equipment combines with OB’s seven years of experience running training studios will leave you with a good idea of what equipment to buy, and any equipment...

Nov 4, 2022


OB and Smitty and back from Columbus, Ohio where they attended the SWIS Symposium and taught the most recent CPPS. The SWIS symposium is one of the biggest gatherings in the fitness industry where all the world’s best coaches, trainers, therapists, and researchers come together and present cutting edge...