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Feb 17, 2022

In today's episode, OB and Smitty discuss a recent study on why willpower isn't a great strategy for success and the two science backed characteristics that truly help you succeed. Next, how the importance of including regular mental stress in your life and then they compare their experiences with their recent cold plunge endeavors. Smitty talks about Dr. Andrew Huberman's recent post on garlic's affect on LDL. Smitty and OB give their advice on how to build your brand on social media. *For a full list of show notes, timestamps & important links from this episode visit: Becoming Ronin Podcast


[0:00] Intro

[1:18] The Best Mindset for Stress

[5:55] Is Everything You Know About Willpower Wrong?

[8:15] Is Gratitude the Key to Achieving New Goals?

[9:23] How Compassion Plays a Role in Evolving.

[10:30] Connecting to your Future Self

[13:25] Taking a Compliment

[15:25] Take Care of Yourself to Give the Best Version of Yourself to the World

[22:15] Including Mental Stress in Your Life

[25:27] Smitty’s Initial Failure with a Cold Plunge

[30:00] OB’s Breakthrough to the Stress Response

[32:54] Is Anticipation Holding You Back?

[35:30] Becoming Ronin Cold Water Challenge

[38:00] A Simple Fix for High LDL


[45:44] How to Build Your Brand With Social Media @fierce_phoenix_fitness_

[46:40] Keeping Social Media Social

[50:33] How Frequently Should You Post to Social Media?

[52:09] Documenting Your Brand @breakthroughsc

[53:58] Pick Your Social Media Platform and Run With It!

[54:50] Social Media Advice from Strong NY @kennysantucci

[55:30] Pick Your Social Media Voice @jayferruggia