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Aug 13, 2023



Becoming Ronin's First Burst Series!

Episode 1/4: Assessment and Consultation

Coming later this week:

Episode 2/4: Warm Up and Corrective Exercise

Episode 3/4: Program Design

Episode 4/4: Energy Systems Made Simple

In this mini burst series, Smitty and OB are breaking down program design into four episodes: Assessment, Warm Up, Strength, and Conditioning. Each category will be its own episode and you will hear Smitty and OB program for two different clients and think through the considerations for each and give their advice on how to apply it to yourself.

Todays episode is all about where to start. OB covers his consultation process and how to find information that is most important for program design. They transition into their formal assessments and where that plays into their corrective exercise strategies as well as exercise selection.


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[0:00] Intro

[0:30] Series Intro

[2:40] Develop a “Needs Analysis”

[9:20] A Joint By Joint Assessment

[12:30] Testing Smitty’s Knowledge of Assessment

[29:02] Addressing Our Assessment Findings

[31:32] The Best Low Back Pain Corrective

[41:07] Assessing a Youth Client 








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